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Well! Heres an odd tale to tell today!

I was just coming back from some mid afternoon training when I heard some splashing, at first I thought it was simply some summer time bathers or even childern playing but my heroic instincs took over and I had to go and see just to make sure!

When I got there, I found this overly large black dog swimming in the river! I really didn't know what to do at first! It looked perfectly fine but it would struggle to stay up on the surface as it made its way to shore!

I didn't waste anytime! I leaped down and walked across the water to assist the poor animal safely back to land! When I went to pick it up, without warning, IT LASHED OUT AT ME D:!! No growling or faster scared swimming, it just attacked! As if it thought I was going to take it away like a giant praying hawk or other large bird D:

Odd thinking dog, obviously! IT DIDNT KNOW THAT I WAS THERE TO SAVE ITS LIFE!! ;D

Thankfully, it didn't scratch or bite me and by the time I recovered from its attack, it disappeared :O!!

Well, perhaps me giving it alittle spook helped it after all ;D!

Oh and if anyone happens to see the dog? D: I SUGGEST NOT GETTING ANYWHERE NEAR IT, perhaps, Kiba? Your or one of your family members should look into it? Not to just put it all on you but, you DO train and work with dogs :D!
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