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In some odd turn of events it seems that Sir Wulf has assisted me in some way...

Oddly enough I had a talk with Tsunade-sama when I went for a visit to congradulate but in turn I was almost attacked and killed by her husband D:

A quick round or two and he was knocked out on the floor while Tsunade-sama gave me some consuling and Wulf-san said he was going to help me. In which he did...

He, um... changed my woredrobe. I no longer wear my spandex suit -____-;; He burnt them all up ;__;!! As well as my leg- -Sniffles-

Wait I'm s-sorry ;o;



Okay -o- so, now I dress like a 'normal man'. Wulf-san bought me cargo pants, jeans and all sorts of tops...

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Because I REALLY miss my suit ;___; I MEAN REALLY!!! YOU DIDNT HAVE TO BURN THEM!!!!

(( Dont look at me like that :/ I got lazy and I dont feel like drawing it. I will later or something))
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